At the beginning of the 2015 season, we had one goal: GROW.  After closing our books and reviewing our financials from this past year, I am beyond grateful to say that not only have we grown, but we have quadrupled our revenue.  Looking back it is none other than our employees, vendors and great clients that have allowed us to get to where we are.  With the acquisition of a local competitor, equipment investments that exceeded $500,000.00, the extension of a working season to a 12 month period and the willingness to expand our operations into 11 new markets we were fortunate enough to exceed our expectations.

Natural Solutions may have seen unprecedented growth but we take great pride in the intimacy of all of our relationships.  We value vendors who are willing to accommodate us, we are blessed to have amazing clients that trust in our ability to execute and service their accounts to their standards, and we are beyond fortunate to have employees who represent our company and brand positively.  Not only do we have those to thank who are actively involved in our business, but we also have to thank the family members of all of our employees.  At times, we ask our employees to travel, making things difficult on their home lives.  It takes a great support system to allow spouses to be gone for extended periods of time and we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of all involved.

Running a business is not easy.  There are challenges every single day.  As a business owner, I believe you can only learn through failure.  On the surface we may have succeeded financially, but let me assure you, there were many failures along the way.  Fortunately, I believe we came out ahead more times than not.  Natural Solutions had a great 2015 and we are even more optimistic that we can make it a better 2016.  If there is anything that I or we can do to assist let us know – both personally or professionally.  Thank you for all who participated in our success to date and we look forward to working with more of you next year.  Blessings to all and best wishes on a great 2016!

– Sam Sivilotti