Keep the kids safe! Thanks to a wonderful client in Wauwatosa we had the opportunity to resurface their newly installed playground that was elevated and up on a terrace. Feel free to reach out and contact us in regards to our Certified Playground Safety Surfacing Material or Mulch Blowing Applications.

Natural Solutions has been the premiere service installer of mulch and soil applications throughout the US. Due to unique, licensed and patented technologies, Natural Solutions has been a valuable resource by creating innovative and cost effective solutions for its clients. With traditional cost savings of nearly 30 – 40% there isn’t a better option than choosing Natural Solutions for all your service needs. At Natural Solutions, we believe that our value comes down to providing superior service while working with decision makers in any industry.

Our business model affords us to work with projects in a number of different phases including: conception, development and maintenance in both direct hire and subcontract capacities. Whether you are a real estate developer or a landscape company, our services are intended on assisting your project. We provide different varieties of Mulch Installations including: oak, hemlock, pine, cedar, dyed mulch: brown enviro mulch, red dyed mulch, black dyed mulch, and Certified Playground Safety Surfacing Material for playgrounds. We provide soil installations, topdressing services, green roof media installations, playground chip installations, and granular installations.