As I stated in a previous post; for healthy plants, start at the soil!  Mulch’s #1 contributing factor to sustainability, is the organic matter it gives back to the earth. Mulch is rich in carbon that feeds beneficial microbes and organisms found in soil.  A healthy soil composition has good water infiltration, aeration, and a nice healthy ecosystem of beneficial microbes, and organisms.  Healthy soils have all the essential elements that plants need to thrive with easy access to water, air, and nutrients.  When the soil ecosystem is improved, you have healthier plants that also tend to be more resistant to disease and pests. That means you’ll probably be spending less time and money on “medicine” and/or replacement of failing plants!

Basically, mulch is the ultimate vitamin for soil and plants throughout your property.  Use it as a tool to improve the overall health of your landscape; avoid the future corrective maintenance bills, and lower the amount of chemical use!


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