Benefits and Beyond

When we talk about sustainable practices in the green industry, we tend to think of rain gardens, green roofs, and composting. You’re right, these types of projects do, in fact promote sustainability, but the reality is, making a big impact on our residential and commercial properties isn’t just about the installation of a feature, but the maintenance as well! As we rethink the way we approach basic landscape practices like mulching, even standard maintenance can be a significant step toward improving the sustainable development of your landscape.
Applying mulch is far from being solely for cosmetics purposes, or weed suppression.  Using the appropriate material and application techniques will save you time and money in the long run. Best of all, natural mulch products provide plant health care contributing to sustainability.

We do our best to educate property owners and grounds maintenance staff to think beyond aesthetics and consider how maintaining mulched areas can actually “do things” that you and your landscape will benefit from. Mulch definitely makes a great example of how to approach a much-needed spring service with sustainability!
Most know by now, that the benefits of mulch do not stop at curb appeal and healthy plants. There’s a lot more to it than that. If you want healthy plants, start at the soil. Mulch decomposes in time, adding nutrients and beneficial bacteria and microbes back into the soil, and attracts earthworms! It protects from extreme cold, retains moisture, and helps prevent erosion as well. These are the main benefits to your landscape, but let’s get into how these mulch benefits contribute to the big picture of a more environmentally balanced property.


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