Compost Blanket Wisconsin

Compost Blankets

Blower Trucks are capable of applying compost blankets or sediment control berms such as an EcoBlanketTM or EcoBermTM. When applied with our blower trucks, the material can be placed precisely at specified depths on very difficult slopes and terrain. The seed injection system on trucks can also allow a secondary advantage to slope stabilization by seeding and vegetating for long term erosion control.
Compost blankets are generally placed on slopes up to 2:1 inches in depth. Slopes that are parlous may be allotted an application rate of 1–2 inches in depth. This technique is an effective way, to reduce and slow the flow of water. These also serve in wind and water erosion control as well as retaining nutrients for vegetation. In areas of lower rainfall accumulation, where vegetation can be established, Lower application rates are achievable on less severe slopes.
The wooded portions of the applied compost increase surface roughness and diminishes the flow of water runoff, making it less erosive and more likely to generate infiltration into the soil and lower the transport of pollutants. Additionally, the wooded portions absorb the energy of the rainfall, preventing soil particles from dislodging, while the finer fraction beneath it absorbs a substantial volume of moisture, and is optimal for plant formation and growth.

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Key Advantages of Compost Blankets

Our Pneumatic Blower Trucks provides Natural Solutions the ability to apply compost blankets to slopes. This increases growth and vegitation.

  Seed is woven into blanket
  Provides complete coverage of slopes
  Stimulates vegitation and erosion system
  Maintains moisture, diminishing need for irrigation
  Reduces wind and water erosion
  Boosts infiltration to decrease runoff

Our Capabilities

The advantage of owning a fleet of pneumatic Blower Trucks provides Natural Solutions the ability to significantly improve installation processes and methodologies, allowing us to be 5x faster than landscapers. This innovative investment has allowed Natural Solutions to establish itself as a premiere service provider throughout the nation.

Nationwide Service Offerings

Our efforts have succeeded in making us one of the largest companies of our kind, with a fast-growing roster of major global brands. We have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. You will always have a clean work environment, no wheel barrows, rakes, and spillage guaranteed. The end result aesthetics look 100x better, curb appeal improvement.

Cost & Compliance

Natural Solutions assists clients in reducing residual costs by being able to provide an immense amount of service offerings due to our unique capabilities and skill set. We can provide the cheapest installation prices, which are 40% cheaper than the industry average, saving our clients tens of thousands annually. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.