Green Roof Install

Green roofs are long lasting when maintenance is kept up on. Natural Solutions’ provides a maintenance service to pre-existing green roof installs and for all of our new clients. Maintenance requires, proper layering of the roof barrier, a waterproof membrane, irrigation, and soil systems.
Our Blower trucks allows us to pneumatically install all types of green roof soils & drainage aggregates for various clients throughout the industry. We have the experience of completing large scale, high profile projects, as well as smaller private projects, and have the capacity to install hundreds of cubic yards of media per day at a faster pace than your average landscaper.
A Green Roofs also known as Eco-roof, Living Roofs or Oikosteges, provides an environmentally friendly option for those who want a stand out roof. Completely covered in vegetation, a green roof provides benefits to both the surrounding environment and the structure it covers.ENERGY SAVINGS
Green roofs have been proven to bring about significant energy savings, particularly during the summer cooling season in which single story buildings can experience a reduction of greater than 25% energy use. Plants transform heat and soil moisture into humidity, to create natural evaporative cooling. Each gallon of water that is transpired by the plants or evaporated from the roof surface liberates 8000 BTU of thermal energy.
Green roofs works well on low-sloped (non-pitched) roofs, on industrial, commercial, institutional, governmental and residential buildings. They can be installed on any building where the building is appropriately engineered and the owners are progressive-minded and value the many economic, environmental, and health benefits that come from vegetated roofs.

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Key Benefits of Green Roofs

Owning a fleet of pneumatic Blower Trucks provides Natural Solutions the ability to significantly improve installation processes and methodologies. This innovative investment has allowed Natural Solutions to establish itself as a premiere service provider.

  Act as a rain garden which helps clean pollutants out of water that runs off.
  Rather than radiating heat, green roofs absorb it.
  Green roofs prevent Heat Island Effect (HIE) – lowering energy demands year round.
  absorb rainwater, provide insulation and can create a habitat for wildlife.

Types of Green Roofs


Intensive Green Roofs support a wider variety of plants and wildlife. Being 12 or more inches deep, they do require more maintenance and upkeep.


Extensive Green Roofs are only 3-5 inches deep with soil and support a much narrower array of wildlife and plants. They do require less maintenance however.