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Terraseeding is an application process that uses a calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer, or another granular additive directly into the blow streams of soils, composts or mulches. The terraseeding technology is a licensed and patented process direct from the original equipment manufacturer – service offerings exclusive to equipment owners. A significant amount of research and development, along with independent lab testing, has confirmed that the Terraseeding process is superior to alternatives.


One of the unique technologies that our blower trucks are capable of is their Supplemental Injection System.  The Supplemental Injection System applies soil mix, fertilizer and grass seed in one consistent application.  We apply typically a 1-inch layer of composted soil with seed evenly distributed throughout the soil.  Terraseeding is so effective because it guarantees the seeds are planted underneath the soil surface, putting them in direct contact with the soil, ultimately accomplishing increased root strength and improved germination rates.  The new seed germinates in a perfect growing environment, quickly developing roots, prior to extending its roots into the base soil leading to a more successful project.  The application process allows for an unlimited choice of seed and custom seed mixes to match the specs and requirements of any job site or client.


Golf Courses and Athletic Turf, Erosion and sediment control, Berm and bluff restoration, Weed control in flower beds, Land development installation, Native landscapes/wildflower seed applications, and Existing lawn and topdressing.


Terraseeding Efficiency

Terraseeding allows seeds to be mixed under the soil surface which puts them in direct contact with the soil, greatly improving germination.  Our highly developed process eliminates the need for wheelbarrows, additional equipment, increased labor and keeps the landscape in perfect condition. 

 NO hauling of soil
 NO level and raking
NO seeding by hand
 NO fertilizing and topdressing
 NO seed exposure

Terraseeding Brochure

Soil and Erosion Brochure

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